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Assistant Director Rachel Landers, who has been at Glennwood since its opening, says, “I have three of them on my desk right now.” Sherry attests to the changes in Diana since she arrived at Glennwood. When she was living at home, she didn’t think for herself. ’ Now when she’s faced with a decision, she says, ‘Let me think about it.’” Even the neighbors on her parents’ street have noticed a change.“We’ve lived in the same house for 32 years, and the neighbors see how she’s matured,” Sherry says.One of the reasons Diana loves working at Ralphs is the interaction with customers, where she says, “Almost everyone knows me.” Aside from being autonomous, having friends appears to be of utmost importance to Diana.“I didn’t have very many friends before, but since living here, I have a lot of friends.” Her best friend, Tina Cassani, passes us briefly in the hallway.When she was in college she thought her future would be in child psychology or in teaching. “My mom and dad pushed me to thinking about becoming a lawyer,” she says.

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Moore says she scored very well on the test, “So, I just applied to law school, even though I wasn’t sure I wanted to be a lawyer.” County Counsel provides a great start to Moore’s career Moore chose Pepperdine for law school.She’s very much looking forward to spending the holidays with them.Her mother says that Diana always loved exercise, but aside from skiing with her parents in Mammoth and (encouraged by her sister) running 5ks, she didn’t participate in team sports until she arrived at Glennwood. She’s now a member of the baseball team and plays every Saturday.Almost four years ago, when Diana was barely into her thirties, that wish to be independent was the catalyst that sent her parents in search of a place to satisfy her desire for autonomy.She says, “We looked at other places, but I liked this place.” And, not surprisingly, it appears to be a perfect fit.

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